Sunday, March 15, 2009

Something New Coming

So a few new things on the way! I have been working on some little girls dresses that I am really happy with. I hope to be able to sell a few actually I already have and I am really excited about that. I also have some local leads that I can't wait to explore too bad I have a day job too. I am also going to be sportin' a new look!! woo hoo! Diana has some big plans in the works and I am super excited about that so check back in a few weeks to see the brilliance. The name will stay the same, honestly because I started with blankets and someday I may change it but for now stuff covers dresses, right? I will post some more blankets here as well as I need to sell everything I can to bring home those babies, oh and get a referral but that will come in time right? OK am I asking too many questions for a blog that no one follow YET? So here is the first dress. OK this particular one is already sold but if you are interested in one like it email me or leave a comment, I will post more as I can and when the big grand opening happens I will post on my other blog since I am pretty sure no one reads her anyway.

Oh and Jim also has some goodies in store that fall under the stuff category! Did I mention that he is an Artistic Genius?!!

1 comment:

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE the new look..
now show us your AMAZING work..
Love ya..


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