Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"The Red One" and other paintings.

Cora and I (Jim) are in the process of adopting (As you probably know). To make extra money for the adoption she is making and selling dresses and blankets(See posts below). As my part in this endeavor I am offering up some of my paintings for sale.

These are acrylic paint on quality canvas. I finish them with a UV-resistant clear protective coat that should give them a long life. The canvasses I choose are stapled on the back, which allows them to go on the wall unframed. It also allows edge effects. Each one is an original. Each one is unique. I enjoy creating them and I feel art should be affordable.

"The Red One" SOLD!This one is sold, but if you would like something similar please email me I would love to paint you a custom space ship!! Don't hesitate to personalize your child's room
The first one is called "The Red One." It is inspired by one of my favorite childhood comic strips: Calvin and Hobbes. If you have a boy who loves space or has an adventurous side, this will be a perfect one for you. Since there is only one of each, the first person who orders it gets it.

note: edges.

Size:7.75"X 24"X 1.25"
Price: $50.00 plus $5.00 shipping in the continental US.
(I will ship elsewhere, but shipping charges may vary)

"Dragon Flies Gather"
Inspired by a family friend's love of dragon flies, this painting has three dimensional details. The wings actually have ridges where the veins are. This painting is one that continues to draw my eye three weeks after putting it on the wall. I employed a unique technique to attain the background, which includes tinfoil and luck.

Size: 11" X 14" X 0.75"
Price: $40.00 plus shipping.

"E is for..."SOLD!This "E" is sold, but I can make more!! Don't hesitate to personalize your child's room!
This is a monogram for a girl or young lady. I will accept requests for different letters and themes. I can make several of these custom to your little (or big) ones taste or decor.

Size: 8" X 8" X 1.25"
Price: $25.00 plus shipping.

"Lady Bug"
Because the Lady Bug is a common theme in the China Adoption scene, and we are also adopting from China, I submit this attempt which would be perfect on that little girl's wall. I plan to do more of these with different background colors.

Size: 8" X 10" X 0.75"
Price: $25.00 plus shipping.

If you have any suggestions for paintings you would like to see me try I am willing to give anything a go except for portriats.

To order either leave a comment on this post or Email the link above.


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Love them..
I might have to have something done when we get the room done..
Have a great evening..

momtoo said...

Do I like the lady bug. OK, I am mom and like them all. Pictures look good on the site. Mom

Amy said...

Aww. Geez. The former art historian in me can't pass up a chance to purchase an original art work! These are terrific Jim!

Amy said...

Umm...How do I add a painting to my cart?


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